AUDIO: Von Venn – “Jeanie Is Out”

Dublin’s music scene has birthed another gem in the form of Von Venn, an indie rock outfit that is making waves with their exhilarating vibe. Their latest record, “Jeanie Is Out,” is out now and it is an absolute thrill to behold.

With their previous singles like “Ghost” and “Constant Girl” making an appearance on this 10-track album, Von Venn takes us on a journey through clever lyricism and euphoric melodies. Their approach is refreshingly innovative, yet firmly rooted in the essence of the genre.

From the very first note, lead singer Gary Cox mesmerizes listeners with his effortlessly enchanting vocals. His artistry and innate ability to evoke emotions through storytelling are on full display, particularly in the standout track “In Time.” It shines as a radiant gem amidst the album!

However, “In Time” is not the only track that dazzles on this record. Each offering holds a distinct place within the walls of the album, presenting a fresh and inviting perspective for all who indulge. Von Venn’s dedication to pushing boundaries while maintaining an undeniable allure is evident throughout, leaving us craving more of their unparalleled sound.

You can take a listen here.

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