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AUDIO: Docx – “The Gurls”

Producer Docx released their third album at the top of the month. With ten tracks and a vast array of features, Docx continues to challenge conventional norms of pop sensibilities by means of structural, textural and thematic experimentation. While Docx has always embraced collaboration and stylistic defiance with their output, they never cease to push the envelope with each sonic

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AUDIO: Dora Diamond – “Temple”

Electronic pop artist Dora Diamond dropped a new single this week. The song is a love letter to Diamond’s community, illuminated by bright, empowering house sensibilities and her warm, heartening voice. She sings of her body being of royalty and divinity, reclaiming traditionally Christian language to be used for championing trans autonomy and liberation. It’s a powerhouse banger from Dora

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AUDIO: 4Qua Of OrioN – “4QuaZulu”

4Qua Of OrioN

4Qua Of OrioN, the singer-songwriter hailing from the UK, has just unleashed his latest track, “4QuaZulu,” and it’s clear that he continues to make strides in the right direction. This new offering bursts through the speakers with immediate energy, igniting a fresh dose of afro-pop zeal that is simply irresistible. From the very beginning, “4QuaZulu” takes us on a trip.

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AUDIO: Travvy Trav – “To The Moon”

Electronic producer Travvy Trav dropped a new tune earlier this month. This one’s got a mellowed, chillwave-adjacent approach when compared to many of Trav’s previous tunes, captivates a magical escapism that brings imagery of the clear night sky against picturesque landscapes. Trav demonstrates that he’s a producer not to be put in any stylistic box with “To The Moon”, keeping

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AUDIO: Micah Emrich – “Sample-Return Mission”

Micah Emrich’s latest EP dropped earlier this month. Consisting of two previously released singles, two remixed versions of tracks from his last EP and one entirely new tune, Emrich’s eclectic pop formula organically marries hip hop, electronic and psychedelic sensibilities while welcoming creative flare from other artists with open arms. His versatility extends to not only style but demeanor as

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AUDIO: Killing Blow – “Shattered Reflection”

Metallic hardcore band Killing Blow are a new one to watch; they’ve released two singles thus far – the second of which just dropped last week. “Shattered Reflection” is a brutal hitter that rages about your dignity being ripped away from you by someone; they made you feel worthless and unlovable but there’s now inescapable judgment that awaits them. It

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AUDIO: Rustbelt – “Oh My God Here It Comes Now”

RUSTBELT has returned with his second single of the year. This one basks in peppy new wave sensibilities as the underdog pop artist takes on a nihilistic attitude about careers and dreams. Wondering if he’s been wasting time and going in circles, RUSTBELT still gets hooked on making a good song, and that’s what keeps him doing this whole music

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AUDIO: Tidal – “Buzz O)))”

Experimental rock act Tidal released a new track last week. Spanning almost nine minutes, “Buzz O)))” opens with flickering whispers and oceanic distortion before building into a menacing guitar melody and stomping, dooming rhythm. There’s an overall fearsome atmosphere here that concludes with a noisy yet textural discombobulation. Brace yourself for a heavy psych wash from Tidal!

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