AUDIO: Tru West – “After The Tequila”

Tru West’s latest single, “After The Tequila,” encapsulates the essence of summertime with its infectious dancehall-infused beat. The song effortlessly captures the carefree spirit of hot summer nights, as West delves into the theme of letting go and embracing the uninhibited side of herself. With lyrics about surrendering to the intoxicating effects of a few drinks, she expresses the transformative power of alcohol and the shift in mindset that accompanies it. As the pulsating rhythms and West’s captivating vocals take center stage, “After The Tequila” becomes an anthem for those moments when emotions run wild amidst a sea of revelers. This track can ring off in a sweaty summer dance party, but is also a strong showing beyond the party notion of the single. Check it out here:

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