AUDIO: Minna Ora – “Wind”

On her brand new single, “Wind,” which is out right now, Minna Ora makes excellent use of her natural creative potential. The Finnish singer-songwriter grips our attention from the very first second of her performance, and she manages to keep it there throughout the length of her set.

“Wind” features a great deal of bowing. Furthermore, it stands out in a scene that typically maintains the status quo. On the other hand, Minna goes in a different direction, bringing an intensity of feeling that can be sensed along with her. Her words have a striking relevance, and she tackles the challenges that frequently emerge in life and the moments when a door suddenly opens, making way for happier and more prosperous days.

Minna is as energetic as ever, and it is clear that her self-assurance has grown to a whole new level over the last few years. Her musical background is also alluring, and the music creates an atmosphere of folky metal that grows more intense as it plays out through the speakers. In addition to this, with every new release, she becomes more powerful, and her grandeur is comparable to that of a shining star.

“Wind” paves the way for future releases from the breakout star from Finland, and it continues on the pathway of themes related to the changing of the seasons and the weather.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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