ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Primrose, Curbsitter


It was a stacked night of punk at Bremen Cafe Wednesday night, featuring Holy Shit!, Curbsitter, Primrose and San Diego’s Human Issue.

Primrose are a noise punk duo consisting of drummer-vocalist Sam S and guitarist-vocalist Bruno Vitols. Wednesday was only their second show although they’ve been working with bands such as Curbsitter, Ballstomper and Mind Harvester to break into the punk scene.

They formed out of high school, as Sam explains. “We were really good friends in 7th and 8th grade and we were in a really bad pop punk band. I switched schools so we weren’t really friends for like two or three years, but then once we graduated high school, I texted Bruno and we started talking about punk and hardcore and getting a band back together. We’re both one year out of high school.”

On where the band’s name came from, they continued, “There was a band called Rhododendron that we were really into; they’re like an Oregon technical metal/progressive punk type band. I started looking up obscure flower names because I thought the name “Rhododendron” was sick because it sounds metal but is also a flower; I wanted something both soft and hard-sounding, I guess.”

The band released a four-song demo this past April and have new music on the way. Sam said, “This next week we’re planning on recording our next EP and hoping to get it out by September 21st for our next show. Other than that, we’re actually in the process of trying to book a Midwest tour for November.”

“Sometimes our songwriting comes naturally; sometimes it comes kind of clunky,” Vitols added. “It’s kind of all over the place.”

You heard them – Primose play on September 21st at JJ’s Bar and Grill.

Curbsitter are a hardcore punk band consisting of vocalist Brain Rott, guitarist Kevin Stenseth and bassist JP Young; they don’t have a permanent drummer at this time but Eric Mayer played with them Wednesday. They formed four or five years ago, as Rott explains.

“They all got together and had a different drummer at the time plus two guitarists; my friend Jim was the second guitarist. Jim hit me up because they were looking for a singer and I hadn’t been in a band for a while so I tried out and it was cool. The band’s gone through some minor changes here and there.”

They released an EP titled “Grip on Reality” at the end of May. Rott said, “Half of the songs were written before the pandemic but we weren’t really doing band stuff for a while, so then we wrote some new ones too. We could’ve made it longer if we wanted but decided to go for the six songs. I like the lyrics on that one…”Mold” has some of my favorite lyrics; it’s just a song that tells you all about mold. “Me and My Friends” is about cooperation and collectivizing. We’ve got a song called “Packaging” which is about waste and capitalism and how having a job sucks.”

Curbsitter are focused on getting a full-time drummer and don’t have more shows planned as of now.

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