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AUDIO: Curbsitter – “Grip on Reality”

Punk rockers Curbsitter are back with a new record. It’s six tracks of ass-kicking punk, ripping about things from your body growing mold to nobody being meant to be pigs to being around your friends. There’s a keen sense of urgency here, feeding the vigor of frantic vocals and flush riffs. Curbsitter will be delivering this energy live this summer,

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AUDIO: Curbsitter – “Bye Bye Bibi”

Hardcore punks Curbsitter dropped a new song in the midst of what’s going on in Israel and Palestine right now. The people of Palestine have been under constant oppression and siege by the Israeli government, and Curbsitter are here to give a big “fuck you” to Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. All proceeds the band receives for the time being

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