AUDIO: Curbsitter – “Flippin’ Bricks”

If you just need a good thrash punk EP to get you through your week, have no fear, because the latest from Milwaukee band Curbsitter is enough to get you by and then some. “Flippin’ Bricks” is seven tracks of straight up punk, and the band holds absolutely nothing back on the record. Every track is in the one to two minute range, but honestly, any more energy from the band and they might’ve passed out in the recording studio. This is punk reminiscent of bands like Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, bringing raw power into their recordings. If you feel compelled to thrash along in a live setting, the band has a show on July 27th at Frank’s Power Plant in Bay View. In the meantime, tear something up at home with “Flippin’ Bricks” below:

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