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AUDIO: Slowpanic – “No Where Left”

Metal band Slowpanic have a new single out that was recently on the Milwaukee Style hardcore compilation. It’s a vigorous jam about sinking lower than ever with nowhere left to go. You keep hoping things will change but you never get anywhere. You end up cornered and face your wicked fate. Slowpanic are mean and angry with this one; be

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VIDEO: Mud Dog – “Bite Down”

Hardcore punks Mud Dog originally premiered their most recent video on Hardcore Worldwide in November, but now they have it on their own channel. Some guys are shown entering a house for a ghost search. The boom mic dude picks something up and it turns out to be “Bite Down” from their last record “Extinction.” Chaos ensues and Mud Dog

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AUDIO: Ballstomper – “Bed Bugs”

Hardcore punks Ballstomper are out with two home recordings from a record they’ve planned for spring. It’s also their first release with new bassist Ivy Escobedo. The first track is about the selfishness of men during sex, as exemplified from how it’s portrayed in media. The second track confronts killing who you once were and how you’ve substituted fear with

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AUDIO: Knights – “Shards”

Melodic hardcore band Knights are out with their debut record. It’s been over a year of the making and features plenty of rage, devastation, catharsis, and judgement. As the title suggests, there’s a shattering feeling through these tracks, especially with the crushing breakdowns of “Survivor’s Guilt,” the bleeding disgrace of “Sunsets,” and the tormented triumph in “All is Well.” The

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AUDIO: World I Hate – “Collapse”

New hardcore punks in town World I Hate are out with their debut EP. Nihilistic and cathartic, the band uses crushing riffs, shattering screeches, and merciless blast beats to reflect the state of the country. They talk their shit about cops, bootlickers, capitalism, the bipartisan system and white supremacy – well-timed as election season is upon us. World I Hate

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