AUDIO: Noctilucant – “In A World Of Human Wreckage”

Dark ambient project Noctilucant has returned with a new album. The story goes like this: you come across a city thinking it’d be utopian only to discover the exact opposite – a tyranny-ruled municipality of cybernetic overlords. You escape, but find that all that’s left of the world is desolation and destruction of what was once our planet. The story is told through industrial-sized soundscapes that encompass despair, hope, triumph and desertion. Structured like a soundtrack, this album details the brutal odyssey of disintegrated society. Contributors are Mombi Yuleman, Scott Lawlor, Visions of Ulnahar, Psyclopean, Infinexhuma, Oestergaards, Palazzo’s Monstrosity Coil, Dev-I-Ant, and Grune Maar.

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