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AUDIO: Noctilucant – “In A World Of Human Wreckage”

Dark ambient project Noctilucant has returned with a new album. The story goes like this: you come across a city thinking it’d be utopian only to discover the exact opposite – a tyranny-ruled municipality of cybernetic overlords. You escape, but find that all that’s left of the world is desolation and destruction of what was once our planet. The story

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AUDIO: Gavella Glan – “A Silent Vigil for Oncoming Plagues”

Gavella Glan is a dark ambient project of Joseph Mlodik (of Noctilucant). He’s got the debut record out under this name, and it was created out of isolation in early quarantine. He stated on Bandcamp that this is the album he’s wanted to create since he was a teenager; it’s got a rich fantasy theme using awe-inspiring ambient synths, haunting

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AUDIO: Noctilucant, Psyclopean & Visions of Ulnahar – “Libris Arcanum”

Milwaukee dark ambient projects Noctilucant and Psyclopean teamed up with Germany-based Visions of Ulnahar for a record where they each do two tracks. They conceptually focus on the texts of Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos through droning dungeon synths and industrial movements. The three artists build off one another as the gothic narratives expand. It’s mysterious, apocalyptic, and bleak like stumbling

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