VIDEO: Run Along Forever, Bisca Rae & Genesis Renji – “Happy Days”

Audiovisual duo Run Along Forever joined forces with Bisca Rae and Genesis Renji for a new single and video. Rae and Renji hang out along the Milwaukee River at sunset as well as out in the city at night. The song is about relationships that don’t work out – whether it’s because you’re in different places in life or have different goals – but you still miss them and think about what could’ve been. Rae ponders whether or not it’s all worth it since life’s a dream until it all goes wrong; in Renji’s verse, he raps about keeping people at arm’s length by nature, staying ever-so focused on wanting the most in life while still susceptible to love as much as anyone else. Stay tuned for Run Along Forever’s masterfully collaborative record in the coming weeks.

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