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AUDIO: Bisca Rae – “Mandy”

Alternative R&B artist Bisca Rae continues her streak of new material with another single today. This one has an ethereal, dream pop feel. Referencing the popular cartoon The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, her lyrics here seem to compare the dynamic of the show’s main characters to herself in a relationship with someone, acknowledging how the personalities clash but

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AUDIO: Bisca Rae – “And I”

Alternative R&B artist Bisca Rae is out with the second single since her re-branding. Over a fluttering guitar rhythm, Rae sings with conviction that a relationship is failing. She knows heartbreak when she sees it and she’s felt it setting in. For anyone going through a breakup, she comforts the notion that it’s time to let something go and that

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VIDEO: Bisca Rae – “Small Talk”

Alternative R&B artist Bisca Rae, formerly known as Liza Jane, is out with the video for her recent single “Small Talk.” Depicted in an early-20th-century black-and-white scene, she’s shown wearing a gown and curls and alternating between being on a corded phone, having drinks, and baking in the kitchen. The song is about having those talks with no change while

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AUDIO: Bisca Rae – “Small Talk”

Alternative R&B artist Bisca Rae (formerly Liza Jane) is out with her debut track under her new name. It’s got the sensuality she’s known for, featuring lyrics about needing someone to stick around even when times get hard. The future is bleak with this person but she still knows what her needs are; she’s not interested in small talk for

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