Bisca Rae performed with soulful R&B songstress and multi-instrumentalist B~Free at No Studios on Friday night, accompanied by tunes spun by DJ Kenny Perez.

Encompassing alternative R&B with elements of soul and hip hop, Bisca Rae originally performed as Liza Jane, releasing the project “Internet Girl No. 1” in 2019.

She said about the name change, “At the time I felt I was oversharing space with other people that were going by that name. I definitely had moments where I was unnecessarily competing with people who just by chance happened to share my name and I think I just wanted to be able to take it in a direction where I was authentically myself – not that I wasn’t being myself when I was Liza Jane, because I love everything I did under that name – but I wanted a way to really just define and separate myself from anyone else, unique specifically to me. My name’s Elizabeth and I go by Liz, and when I was a kid I couldn’t say “Elizabeth” so I would call myself “Bisca”, and my middle name’s Rae. A lot of times as artists we talk about connecting with our inner child and exploring it, so there’s something that feels really fitting about adopting a name that came from my child self.”

That said, Rae released the single “Blush” last summer; she gives us some insight about it.

“That was a really fun and easy song that just made sense to put out in the summer. I had taken quite a bit of time off from releasing; I think just everything going on in my personal and professional life definitely pushed me to take a bit of a break. I did amass creation time and I burned out a little bit, so I finally was trying to re-enter the space with a really fun song. It was challenging for me to release it because I didn’t have as much control over releasing it as I usually like to; I like to be very intentional but I kind of just dropped that track. Sometimes you just need to kick yourself off the ledge to get moving again and putting that track out was the thing that put me into motion for a lot of the stuff that you’re about to see.”

On Friday – the day of the show – she dropped the single “8:17 PM.”

“This song is very lyric-heavy. It’s me musing about different things and speaking my truth, getting on my podium…it has a lot to do with empowerment and reclaiming your narrative. I wrote it in summer 2020, which was a time where I was feeling a bit hopeless to be honest. I was working really hard, going through an intensive music program and I was producing more stuff than I’d ever created, but I think there still was this frustration of feeling like my life had been put on hold by everything that had happened in the world when I was really just starting to gain some momentum. This song was a way for me to reclaim that and doing all this on my own time; at the end of the day, I have to begin somewhere, and I’m saying that a lot on the track. Also, there’s no end…take pauses to celebrate your victories but there’s always something more to be reaching for…not to say that you should be dissatisfied in what you have, but more to say that if you want more for yourself, go and take it.”

She’s got plenty more in store for the year, as she kindly shares.

“The “8:17 PM” music video is coming, so please stay tuned for that; it’s really whimsical and I’m very excited to be stepping back into a space where I get to share visual content. Also, an album is coming. It’s all about sad girl season. There’s a couple tracks on it that you’ll recognize but plenty of new ones; it’s something that I’ve been holding onto for a really long time.”

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