AUDIO: Freelevel – “Don’t Be Sad”

Freelevel is one of the most exciting new pop ensembles to emerge in recent years. They convey a familiar vibe, but they also take us down a new path with Anna’s breath-taking vocals.

Anna, the band’s lead singer, is a confident performer. She arrives loud and clear with her message. She also sings with passion, and her presence is something to which many will cling. Yes, she is young, but she has a sound that is more expected of performers with far longer discographies.

The starlet kicks things off with an enchanting and moving introduction. Why does she start with a bang, which we hear a lot on contemporary records? Because it’s so effective. It firmly establishes itself before we progress, and the up-and-coming band has taken a thoughtful approach. Anna’s voice stands out on its own; but the band add extra wood to the fire with their quality.

As the song progresses, it becomes more intense. Furthermore, it begins slowly and subduedly, but the chorus explodes with all guns blazing. Musically, it’s fresh, and while a little more edge may have done wonders with a more distorted guitar, it sounds memorable!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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