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AUDIO: Freelevel – “Don’t Be Sad”

Freelevel is one of the most exciting new pop ensembles to emerge in recent years. They convey a familiar vibe, but they also take us down a new path with Anna’s breath-taking vocals. Anna, the band’s lead singer, is a confident performer. She arrives loud and clear with her message. She also sings with passion, and her presence is something

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AUDIO: Freelevel – “New Year Song”

The new year has gotten off to a flying start for music, and still sending a wave across the scene is Freelevel’s uplifting pop-rock track, ‘New Year Song’. Although it is not a new release in the sense that it was released many years ago, it has a fresh lustre, and the band from Europe have given it a new

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AUDIO: Freelevel – “Black”

With their latest offering, ‘Black,’ group Freelevel smash the nail on the head. It’s a song that’s got all it takes to go to the top. The tune begins with a powerful arrangement, and it has a severe impact that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Anna then shows up with a powerful vocal performance, and she

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