AUDIO: Freelevel – “New Year Song”

The new year has gotten off to a flying start for music, and still sending a wave across the scene is Freelevel’s uplifting pop-rock track, ‘New Year Song’.

Although it is not a new release in the sense that it was released many years ago, it has a fresh lustre, and the band from Europe have given it a new lease on life! This music, in many ways, is more relevant today than it has ever been since it conveys a strong message of looking back and reflecting while simultaneously generating excitement for the following year.

Anna, the vocalist, has a talent for delivering a spectacular vocal performance, which she achieves here in this track. Her voice has a warm and inviting tone, and she layers her extraordinary vocal timbre over an optimistic and upbeat accompaniment. Furthermore, the music is vibrant and flavorful! The drums have a hot bite to them, while the guitar riffs and bass make us want to reach for the air guitar!

When it comes to New Year’s tracks, this one has to be at the top of the list! It stands out with distinction, and given its upbeat tone, it will reverberate for a long time. Also, the message is thought-provoking, which is one of the reasons for its increased popularity in recent times, as opposed to when it was first released.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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