AUDIO: Freelevel – “Black”

With their latest offering, ‘Black,’ group Freelevel smash the nail on the head. It’s a song that’s got all it takes to go to the top.

The tune begins with a powerful arrangement, and it has a severe impact that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Anna then shows up with a powerful vocal performance, and she delves deep, rising along to a faster-paced tempo. The rhythm is contagious in the mix, and it reaches the boiling point with intensity.

Anna is honest with her wordplay. Her inspiration is clear, and she discusses the changes in society and the world around us all. Also, she frequently references modern times and casts her mind back to her own previous experiences.

The instrumental is solid, and it grows as the song progresses. Nevertheless, it still allows Anna’s vocals to take centre stage. Nonetheless, a bit more variety in the vocal passages would be fantastic. As a result, the cadence gets recurrent, and additional excitement in backing harmonies may have been beneficial.

Overall, Free Level’s conventional approach is refreshing. They have a vision, and they put it into action. Furthermore, it will come as no surprise if this one reverberates for some time. But, as a newcomer to the scene, they will need more hits like this to ensure their long-term success.

You can listen to ‘Black’, here.

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