AUDIO: No Serial Killer – “I Luv Myself”

The brilliant ensemble No Serial Killer have released their latest single, ‘I Luv Myself.’ This track maintains its vitality throughout, which is one of the reasons it is now at the top of several radar lists.

Staying beyond the box of modern norms, this one has an unmistakable orthodox vibe to it, making it stand out among the new releases of 2022. Furthermore, it harkens back to a more popular rock and roll sound from the past while also introducing new textures to the forefront for good measure.

It starts with a punchy beginning, with keys beating down and a hard-hitting riff. The drum rhythm that accompanies it also works in harmony and gets the feel-good motions going in no time. It’s not clear from the start what kind of vocal will follow. The vocals on offer are unexpected. Many people will be surprised by the angelic vocals, given the group’s name, which leans gloomy.

Erika Schiff, a former American Idol contestant, is brought in as the vocal lead by the music’s producer AKM, and she shines! Her tones blend very nicely with the guitar and other sounds that emerge from the mix. At times, it feels as if everything from all corners of the musical universe has made it into the mix. It’s similar to how Arcade Fire mash up so many instruments into one song. However, it works well, and while it isn’t the most powerful combination, it has plenty of strength and a likability factor that is impossible to resist.

You can listen here.

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