AUDIO: Kenton Place – “Done With You”

Kenton Place’s latest hit, ‘Done With You,’ is absolutely on the money. The rockers from the United States have us in their grip here, and they leap to the top of the echelon with a sound that will grab you!

‘Done With You’ has the venom of a snake bite. It has all of the ingredients to become one of the greatest anthemic rock masterpieces of our time, and it also manages to descend into a nostalgic aura. It begins with a bang, and the guitars and drums fit together like a glove. They spring into shape instantly and smack us in the face with their rock prowess, with vocalist Laurel Smalley also knocking us off our feet.

The track’s message is universal, and many people can connect to it if they’ve been through a breakup. In addition, Laurel opens up about getting over a prior flame, and she claims to be done with them, even though they are frantically attempting to re-establish contact and get things back on track. The music backs up the message with bold confidence flowing out of every part of the mix.

‘Done With You’ is a massive release in general. It has a booming vibe that is tough to ignore, and Laurel’s vocals are outstanding! The percussion is rigorous, as are the guitar riffs, and the bass tones leave us frothing from the gullet.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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