AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “E.D.E.N.”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji is out with his new EP “E.D.E.N.” – the follow-up to his 2018 album “S.I.N.S.”. This project encompasses the rise and fall of a relationship, embedded with all the miscommunications and misunderstandings that ultimately lead Renji and his significant other into an emotional spiral. They’re obviously crazy for each other but Renji’s personal and professional visions clash with the needs of his partner. Everything culminates with the final track “Thank You,” where he addresses his own accountability in the ultimate downfall of the relationship while wishing her the best and hopes she could say the same for him. It’s a profoundly personal record; Genesis Renji looks at himself in the mirror and sees what is and isn’t his fault, but he manages to put those painful realizations into a cohesive story of what he had and then didn’t have.

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