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AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “E.D.E.N.”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji is out with his new EP “E.D.E.N.” – the follow-up to his 2018 album “S.I.N.S.”. This project encompasses the rise and fall of a relationship, embedded with all the miscommunications and misunderstandings that ultimately lead Renji and his significant other into an emotional spiral. They’re obviously crazy for each other but Renji’s personal and professional

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AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “Hurt Me Again”

Hip hop artist Genesis Renji’s latest single is about the routine pains of things not working out with a woman. The world’s going to keep turning, you’re going to keep drinking and smoking, and you’ll remain lonely as heartbreak takes hold once again. Renji has clearly seen this play out a number of times, and he raps to stabilize anyone

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AUDIO: Lucien Parker – “God’s Talent”

Hip hop artist Lucien Parker’s latest single is about recognizing the real ones through all the noise. Over a twinkling guitar melody and bouncing bass, Parker raps about showing up for those that mean most to him, staying focused on adding commas to his bank account, and having a gift he must share with the world. The song reflects humility

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AUDIO: Lucien Parker – “State of Mind”

Hip hop artist Lucien Parker’s new single takes a downtempo approach, incorporating an R&B element. He sings of wanting to be a curious kid again, wishing risks were easier to take. That being said, he and his crew show enormous potential and he wants to act on it. There’s definitely something to be said about retaining that imaginative wonder you

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