AUDIO: Man Random – “Present Tense”

Power pop alternative rockers Man Random have their highly-anticipated new album out today. It’s marked heavily by existential dread, perpetual loneliness, and the terror of moving forward in this uncomfortable societal landscape. All of that is done – quite appropriately – to the tune of angsty and energetic rock that punches the fears down long enough for the band to crank out a few optimistic tunes on the back half of the record. From beginning with jams like “Everything Gets Worse…” and “Full Blown Existential Crisis” to the glimpses of hope with “Bear With Me” and “…Before it Gets Better,” Man Random transpire the sentiments many have endured through the last year and a half through tragedy to triumph with “Present Tense.” They remind us – with a couple shouts – that we’re weathering the storm.

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