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AUDIO: Man Random – “Present Tense”

Power pop alternative rockers Man Random have their highly-anticipated new album out today. It’s marked heavily by existential dread, perpetual loneliness, and the terror of moving forward in this uncomfortable societal landscape. All of that is done – quite appropriately – to the tune of angsty and energetic rock that punches the fears down long enough for the band to

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VIDEO: Man Random – “Never Get It Right”

Power pop band Man Random’s latest single (and first ever music video) is about being doomed to fail. No matter how hard you try, things always go to shit and you’re left feeling down and out. One thing Man Random definitely *does* do right, however, is captivate those negative self-perceptions with a solid jam. The video – directed by Steven

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AUDIO: Man Random – “100%”

Power pop band Man Random have their third and final single for the year out today. This one is about being torn with committing to someone; you feel you have a lot in common but you also don’t want to make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past. This person deserves 100% from you so you’re weighing it out.

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AUDIO: Man Random – “Death Perception”

Power pop band Man Random’s latest single is about acknowledging your flaws but learning to live with them. You have to try several times in coming to terms with yourself, and you’ll feel hurt in the process. Nonetheless, it’s a fun jam to leap around to and feel alive with. The band has one more single that will be out

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AUDIO: Man Random – “Can’t Sit Still”

Indie rockers Man Random are out with a new single today. Rooted in power pop and emo, the song is about inescapable feelings and the inability to relax from such dread. That’s certainly a relatable headspace these days, for sure. It’s the first of three singles Man Random have promised us in the coming months; we look forward to what

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