AUDIO: Man Random – “Rational Fears”

Man Random are back with their sophomore album, and they’re firing on all cylinders with “Rational Fears.” Across 13 songs, the band mix emo, pop punk, shoegaze and more into a whirlwind of sound. Lyrically, everything from actual rational fears in life and love to video games get mentioned, with the band keeping things lighter at times to balance out the record. Each of these tracks pack a punch, however, finding a moment of impact at just the right time with guitars that ambush you into each chorus. “Rational Fears” is a strong follow-up to 2021’s “Present Tense,” with an emphasis on songwriting and evolving the band’s sound shining through. You can celebrate the release of the album next month, with a September 29th show featuring the band alongside Buena Cara, Courtesy, and Chicago’s Rotundos at Linneman’s. Check out the album below:

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