AUDIO: Marije – “Stupid Lie”

Marije treats us to a late summer pop banger with her latest delivery, ‘Stupid Lie’. The song is Marije’s first of the summer, and it captivates from the first second.

The song gives the biggest hitters in the pop world a run for their money, and it exemplifies the quality that Marije has been hoarding. Her vocals explode through the mix with captivating brilliance, and she pours energy from the outset.

Marije’s vocal tone is bright, and she goes deep into her vocal arsenal, rising to the top with delight. Her distinctive timbre helps her stand out in a crowded industry, and her mix gives weight to her ascent to the top of the pops. Furthermore, the music has a lot of energy and develops into one of the year’s most punchy dance-pop compositions.

It all starts with an unusual overture with a backwards talking loop, followed by Marije rising to the top of the mix and smoothly syncing with a tropical sounding beat. The cadence is catchy, and it adds a bit of grit to the aura. A clean-toned guitar emerges from the mix when the chorus begins, giving the production even more variety. Though the hook in the refrain doesn’t go too far from the verse, it provides something special that draws us back in for another fix.

You can check out the ‘Stupid Lie’ video here.


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