ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Maybe Hazel, Bug Moment

A spectacular night of Milwaukee indie took place at X-Ray Arcade on Saturday night, bringing in a full house of eager music lovers. Indie rockers The Unitaskers played their first show since quarantine while being joined by beachy indie pop band Maybe Hazel, alt-pop trio Bug Moment, and prog-jam rockers Conundrum. It was many folks’ first time seeing a show since quarantine.

Maybe Hazel consists of vocalist Greg Dieter, guitarists Seth Kaplan and Wood Boone, bassist Richie Deschauer, and drummer Preston Thurler. This was only their second official show.

“We played a backyard show before,” Dieter explained. “That was cool because it was live music when it was last October, but this was like our first grown-up show. We’ve been prepping for about a month now and the entire time we’ve been full-energy at practice.”

Boone explains how the band formed.

“Basically, I moved to Milwaukee from North Carolina, and I’d played in a band in college and really wanted to just do that again. I started looking on Craigslist, found Greg, and slowly but surely we posted more ads. Somehow, this group of people came together that were all interested in doing the same thing.”

“We never had any duds,” Dieter added. “Every person we met, we were four for four. We were looking for a bassist for the longest time and that’s when Preston brought up Zach – he’s our buddy who we wrote the first half of our EP with in quarantine – and then we wrote the second half, recorded that, and got Richie after Zach moved.”

They describe the recording process of last year’s said EP – “Direct to Home Video.”

“It was a big crunch,” Thurler said. “We had three weeks and only had two songs finished, so we had to really rush all while we had full-time jobs – we all had very strict schedules to meet. Honestly when we got the first mixes of it we were really surprised with how they turned out. We live-recorded them so the band played all at the same time except for Greg, and he added vocals later. It turned out really well; Zach engineered that and did a great job.”

The band debuted a new song Saturday night while also including covers of Peach Pit, The Strokes, and Surf Curse in their set. They share what they’re working on now.

“The new song is called “Neon Pink”,” Thurler said. “We’re not sure what it’s gonna be a part of yet, but we’re hyped to keep writing and get some merch too.”

Maybe Hazel hope to have more out by the end of the year. They do not have any more shows booked yet.

Bug Moment consists of multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Jasmine Rosenblatt and Graham Edward plus drummer Aidan Hoppens. This was only their fourth show together.

“We used all the energy from the last shows to make this one super special,” Edward said.

Rosenblatt explains how the project formed.

“Graham and I actually went to school together, and all the sudden they just said “hey, do you wanna make a song?” and it was that simple.”

“I’d been doing music in all my years in high school but just by myself,” Edward added. “During quarantine we were talking and hanging out a lot, and I was like “you should make songs with me” and then they finally did! We made one song, and it sounded awesome, so we’ve just been making more since.”

The project released their debut album “Bugs” in May. Edward describes what went into making that.”

“It was mostly just me going over to Jasmine’s house, sitting in their room, and I’d either come with songs or with chords or maybe a beat, and we’d sit down for like six hours and make songs. We did that over the course of winter and then finished in early May.

“We write on the spot,” Rosenblatt said about their songwriting. “Sometimes when I’m alone I’ll just write some words that rhyme. But most of our songs we don’t come into with words.”

Edward explains what they’re currently focusing on.

“We’re working on our live set to make it more manageable for us both…and we’re working on some new shit; I don’t really wanna talk about it too much just because it’s brand new. But new shit soon – we’ll be putting it out in the next month or two.”

Bug Moment have several more shows booked in the coming weeks including Bremen Cafe on the 20th and Cactus Club on the 21st.

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