AUDIO: Eliot – “Look At Me Now”

Thanks to his recent release, ‘Look At Me Now,’ Eliot is off to a flying start, with plenty of fresh doors opening.

The tune is fundamentally a rock gem, but as it unfolds, many sounds emerge from the flavorful texture, giving it a broader perspective. It begins with a powerful bluesy guitar line, but the music quickly shifts once Eliot jumps for the mic. He sings with zeal, and his emotions are genuine.

Eliot has a solid vocal tone. His skill is comparable to some of the best indie performers, and his rawness propels him ahead. Nonetheless, I’d like to hear a few more background harmonies along the way to give the vocal a more stereo sense; even a few extra layers could have helped.

The music is lively, and the energy is well-balanced; it also features a mesmerising bass beat that reaches new heights when it touches the melting point. It also generates the proper amount of low eq in the centre, keeping the sound full yet giving us a kick where it hurts, which is essential for a tune like this.

Eliot reveals he’s serious about business as the song progresses, his vocals become even more intense. Also, as the track builds, the music rises speed and the power blazes with omnipotent quality.

So, where does Eliot go from here? Hopefully, there will be more treats like this one. But, if this track is any indication, we’re in for a treat when it comes to his following material.

You can listen here.

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