AUDIO: Slamhaus – “I’m Trying”

Slamhaus, whose music has regularly explored trip hop electronica in the past, is out with a lo-fi rock album. He certainly hasn’t stripped electronica from the music, however, making for a smooth-layered atmosphere of hazy dreamscapes. “Mesmerized” is a love song, “Reset the Reign” touches on overthrowing capitalism, “You Don’t Want My Love” is about worker exploitation, and “Life in the Abyss” dwells in a pit of depression. Fellow artist Bart Mills appears on “Warm My Soul” and “Red Queen” as well. Slamhaus isn’t afraid to correlate the relationship between harsh socioeconomic conditions and poor mental health, especially as we’ve observed governmental failures over the last year. It’s a record that came out at the perfect time, both seasonally and societally.

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