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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Acid Rain (Feat. Abbi Minessale)”

Electronic producer Slamhaus collaborated with vocalist Abbi Minnesale for his latest single. It’s a poignant song that seems to be about memories and wishing you could go back to the way things were with someone. Minessale’s vocals hauntingly echo against Slamhaus’ gentle, sailing production. It’s dreamy melancholy from Slamhaus and Abby Minnesale; we hope to hear more from them in

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Bacon and Eggs”

Electronic artist Slamhaus released a new single this week. He confronts relationship issues that don’t seem to change, using “having some bacon and eggs” as a metaphor for just doing his own thing in spite of the imminent tensions. With robotic vocals and psychedelic rock riffage, Slamhaus takes us soaring in his world one last time before the end of

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “I’m Trying”

Slamhaus, whose music has regularly explored trip hop electronica in the past, is out with a lo-fi rock album. He certainly hasn’t stripped electronica from the music, however, making for a smooth-layered atmosphere of hazy dreamscapes. “Mesmerized” is a love song, “Reset the Reign” touches on overthrowing capitalism, “You Don’t Want My Love” is about worker exploitation, and “Life in

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Slamwave”

Trip hop artist Slamhaus is out with a new record, and it’s his take on synthwave and cyberpunk. As such, these six tracks take us on a journey through computers and vast spaces. Slamhaus keeps the tempo at a comfortable walking speed, so you can definitely get your steps in with a relaxing yet determined pace. If you’re looking for

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Navigate (feat. Tommy Walton)”

Trip hop producer Slamhaus is back with yet another tune with hip hop artist Tommy Walton. It’s about planning an escape from your current circumstances. You don’t know what’s ahead, but you’re ready to take that chance. Cloudy-dream production follows Walton’s bars to enhance his sense of awe. The two certainly make a good team with Slamhaus’ sonic demeanor and

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Seventeen (feat. Tommy Walton)”

Trip hop artist Slamhaus teamed up with rapper Tommy Walton for a new single. Over a blurry, dreamy beat Walton raps about being in a better place than he’s ever been. He’s not quite sure what direction he’s going on but he’s optimistic and excited about where he ends up. It’s a feel-good track about always trusting your plan. We

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