AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Sun Come And Shine”

Jennifer Porter’s latest release, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ provides blues fans just what they want. Jennifer’s content is the first to arrive here, which is surprising given the high quality she has up her sleeve.

Bernard Purdie kicks off the track with a top-notch tapping rhythmic pattern. A warm piano hook by Miho Hobuzane also adds warmth to the mix ahead of Jennifer Porter’s enticing vocal performance. Jennifer holds nothing back with her singing approach, and she breezes through her delivery with ease.

Jennifer Porter’s tone is impressive, and she brings a new edge to the forefront of blues-rock. Furthermore, she adopts a unique demeanour in a field where many follow the status quo. With trumpeter Steve Jankowski of Blood Sweat and Tears and saxophonist Tom Timko, ‘Sun Come And Shine’ becomes even more distinct.

As the song nears its conclusion, it is clear that it will stick with you for a long time, and it does! Furthermore, the overall feel-good vibe of the work keeps us coming back for more. As a result, don’t be surprised if you hear this one long after summer is over.

You can take a listen to the preview of ‘Sun Come And Shine’ by Jennifer Porter below.


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