AUDIO: Mike Brew – “Somedays”

Mike Brew is holding nothing back with his new invigorating release, ‘Somedays’. The track is a sincere delivery with Mike leaving no room for any ambiguity with his robust expression.

The singer-songwriter who resides in Liverpool, England, delves deep into his musical toolkit and rises out with agility. Furthermore, the up and coming indie musician combines many styles into one, and it creates a refreshing zest that is akin to no other in the modern space.

Vocally, Mike Brew flies high with his signature vocal qualities seeping through the mix. He takes hints from some of the finest singers in the game, such as Paolo Nutini, but he stands out with distinction, often leveraging his prowess as he progresses through his performance.

It is not only the vocals that are stimulating, given that his lyrical message is equality as cogent. Moreover, Mike expresses a story that many will find prevalent, and he talks about longing for brighter days, presumably days where the world is not in as much turmoil as it is currently facing.

The musical edge that the track provides gives Mike a strong proposition that will undoubtedly send him to greater heights. Also, given that he regularly switches up the structure, he creates a memory that keeps pulling us back in time and time again.

‘Somedays’ also features backing vocalist Steph Whelan who delivers a standout backing performance that bolsters Mike’s vocal. Similarly, Pete Brew plays many instruments, giving the entire piece a unique star quality that leaves an indent.

You can check it out by clicking here.

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