AUDIO: Karuna – “Heartsease”

Karuna are the folk group who like to do it their own way, and it is paying off with their new release, ‘Heartsease’. The track is an ear-opener from the first second but for the right reasons, and it is a showcase of the talent within the up and coming group.

All hailing from separate parts of the UK, Karuna, prove that distance is not an issue with them putting together a track that leaps out with distinction. It is a clever release with many styles fusing into one, and lead singer, Abi, drives the road onward with an impressive vocal performance.

Heavenly with a soft tone, Abi appears to find influence from some of the most outstanding choir vocalists of yesteryear with a somewhat dreamy timbre that would not sound out of place echoing out of a sermon. However, she keeps relevant to modern times with a message about everyday life and society around us. Moreover, she sings with little ambiguity, and her message delves deep into a thought-provoking narrative of modern times.

Nevertheless, it is not just the vocals from Abi which are divine. Furthermore, the musical foundation is robust, too, with an innovative fiddle performance that heads back to the instrument’s roots creating a soundscape that leaves a long-lasting impression. Likewise, a guitar rhythm strums through the mix, and it gives the entire mix extra flair with its welcoming movement.

You can listen to ‘Heartsease’ by clicking here.

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