AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Bloom”

Italian female two-piece Glitch Project are sending a shockwave across the indie realm with their latest delivery, ‘Bloom’.

It kicks off with a serene opener with a gradual rising synth, taking the listener forward to the vocal. Initially, it isn’t easy to understand the words, but suddenly, the message becomes apparent, and the ladies are speaking about personal encounters. They unleash a tone that mesmerises, and they bring a distinct timbre to the top of the genre. They are not a million miles away from some of the biggest names in the field, such as Haim, but they stand firmly on their own feet.

The music structure is innovative, and all instruments synergise well to create a wholly charismatic compound. The arrangement is somewhat concise in the opening sections, with the beat and vocals carrying the track forward. But, once the refrain hits, the guns blaze with thunderous bite! The guitar lead echoes around the speakers with an ethereal beauty, and the bass thumps through the speakers with ease.

The structure often changes on ‘Bloom’, and ‘Glitch Project’ tone it down with a softer bridge toward the end before yet another sublime and empowering chorus in the closing stages.

Overall, ‘Bloom’ is a gem that boasts melodies that seep into the brain. The journey is memorable, and it is invigorating to witness the up and coming group probe a unique space. They are inviting, and they unleash harmonies with efficiency getting the listener gripping on from the initial moment.

Listen here.

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