AUDIO: Calboa – “Old Flame”

Calboa adds fuel to his captivating indie backlog with his new release, ‘Old Flame’.

The track flows with an indie rock aura that is impressionable from the get-go. Furthermore, Calboa takes a step back from the modern world to reflect on a previous relationship, and he opens up candidly, often showing vulnerability.

Lyrically, Calboa is becoming a regular for delving deep, and he provides a melancholy narrative once again. However, he keeps the excitement alive with a feel-good indie rock foundation that takes hints from the greatest names in the game.

Based in Hull, the singer-songwriter is leaping out of the Yorkshire scene quickly, and he leads the way forward for future indie. However, he does not reinvent the wheel as such. But yet he strengthens a sound that has already proven to be a success time and time again.

Musically, the track is unpredictable as it progresses, with many new sounds catapulting out of the compelling mix. Likewise, Calboa unleashes hooks that set him apart, and his confidence reaches a new level compared to his previous releases.

Overall, ‘Old Flame’ can do little wrong, and it will be the perfect remedy for anyone craving up to date indie.

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