AUDIO: Instant Curtain – “Reverse In The Sand”

Prog-rock outfit Instant Curtain fire on all cylinders with their new release, ‘Reverse In The Sand’.

The band take an unusual route, but it works well with an eclectic range of sounds greeting the ear with delight. Furthermore, ‘Reverse In The Sand’ kicks off with the guitar lead soaring to the top of the mix with an unconventional fuzzy tone; it almost brings an 80s game soundtrack vibe. The drums also open with irregular beats, which instantly place the track on a shelf of its own.

Lead singer Massimo reaches for the microphone in relatively quick succession, and he leads the way forward with a 60s tone. He takes influence from some of the greatest singers from yesteryear, But he also adds a fresh angle to the mix, which is often complex in places.

Moreover, towards the midsection, the arrangement changes entirely, and the beat heads off in a new direction with the instruments matching its cadence. Musically, the group have a skill, and they leverage their ability from the get-go. But is it too out there? Potentially but it pays off. As a result, many will wonder where it will head next; this is not bad. Also, for anybody who enjoys music theory, this track is a dream come true.

In the closing part, the band get their psychedelic shoes on. They catapult the track into a dreamy cloud with even more contagious sounds whirling around the mix before gradually coming back down to earth for the finale.

You can take a listen to ‘Reverse In The Sand’ by Instant Curtain here.

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