AUDIO: Charmian Devi – “Radio Of None”

Charmian Devi charms her way to the alt-rock forefront with her release, ‘Radio Of None’. The track follows her highly acclaimed previous hits, ‘Karma Cell’ and ‘No Peace’.

‘Radio Of None’ opens with a toned-down guitar rhythm, and Charmian leads the way with a message about loneliness. She sings with an unorthodox technique. It instantly sets her apart from the rest of her peers in the alt-rock space. Furthermore, she has a distinct characteristic, and her tones are a reflection of no other.

Also to work on ‘Radio Of None’ are a list of notable names. Moreover, Lenny Kaye, the guitarist for Patty Smith, lends his irrefutable guitar prowess, and he gives the track a star quality from the moment he picks up his six-string. Also, Bob Dylan’s bass player, Tony Garnier, fastens the mix together with a steady bassline which adds depth to the overall mix.

However, the excitement does not stop there. Furthermore, Steve Shelley from Sonic Young delivers a rock foundation with his drum rhythm and Brian Marsella charms with his signature organ sounds spinning around the mix towards the closing stage.

Overall, ‘Radio Of None’ is an unusual release, but yet it works well. It takes hints from some of the best in the scene, and teaming up with the star-studded names mentioned above, pays off. Also, Charmian brings something fresh and exciting to the table with her unique vocal performance.

You can listen by clicking here.

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