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Silverstone Record’s Band CORE Aim To Be The Next Big Rock Artists Of 2021

CORE is an active rock band with roots in Las Vegas and Austin. Their sound is nothing short of electrifying. Their stage performances are like none other in their league; this young rock band puts on a killer show and the sound to match it. The band’s music contains energizing elements of harder rock, modern post-grunge, and killer alt-rock with

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AUDIO: Charmian Devi – “Radio Of None”

Charmian Devi

Charmian Devi charms her way to the alt-rock forefront with her release, ‘Radio Of None’. The track follows her highly acclaimed previous hits, ‘Karma Cell’ and ‘No Peace’. ‘Radio Of None’ opens with a toned-down guitar rhythm, and Charmian leads the way with a message about loneliness. She sings with an unorthodox technique. It instantly sets her apart from the

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