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Deafheaven at Turner Hall: A Review

I read the other day that Deafheaven has faced grief over the vocalist being too attractive. Ok, I kind of get it. George Clarke–save some beauty for the rest of us, please? This criticism, among many other ones Deafheaven has faced from metal “purists,” is the reason the metal scene in general sometimes turns me off. The instinct to bash

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Mayhem at Turner Hall: A Review

There’s something special about seeing a band whose song names alone are enough to scare someone. Mayhem, one of the most iconic black metal bands in history, played at Turner Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 24. With songs such as “Deathcrush,” “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” and “Necrolust,” it leaves you wondering,”Am I bad person for listening to this?” Not in the slightest. This

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Marian Hill at Turner Hall: A Review

Marian Hill played at Turner Hall in Milwaukee on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Two openers, SHAED and VERITE, began the night with indie pop that grazed electronic. Although both great performances, there was something missing that turned me into a Will-Ferril-SNL-esque monster, yelling: more saxophone – it needs more saxophone. Cue Marian Hill. I don’t remember when I first heard Marian

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