Best Coast at Turner Hall: A Review

Oh, Best Coast. You are so dreamy. I can’t quite remember when I first heard their music, but I think my sister described the California-raised indie pop duo as “a girl who smokes weed all day and loves her cat.” Cue angels singing.

Of course, she was referring to Bethany Cosentino, the singer, songwriter and vocalist of Best Coast, who performs alongside guitarist and instrumental guru Bobb Bruno. Cosentino sings about, well, weed and cats, but also her tumultuous relationships, endless adoration for her home state and unrequited love.

Best Coast performed at Turner Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 2 with Cloakroom as the opening act. Admittedly, I was skeptical. Lyrics from one of my favorite Best Coast songs “Goodbye” read “And nothing makes me happy / not even TV or a bunch of weed.” Even though I could appreciate Best Coast’s surf rock sound and candid, simple lyrics, I wondered if this relatively frivolous package would hold up on stage.

I should have known from the moment Cosentino stepped out in shiny, vinyl, high-rise pants that things were going to be good. Honestly, the woman can sing, like extremely well. Cosentino and Bruno were perfectly enmeshed on stage in an effortless synchronization. The two presented themselves unapologetically, enjoying their time onstage, but not in that candy-coated pop way that makes my stomach turn. Best Coast truly held their own, whether it was during the lyrically raw, girlish “Boyfriend” from their debut album or more atmospheric, slowed down “California Nights” from their most recent album titled the same.

Best Coast is comprised of two, genuinely talented musicians that can perform in a way that resonates with a small Midwest crowd, despite the sunny California infusion in almost every aspect of their music. It doesn’t matter that their debut album was lemon-yellow with a cat and palm tree on it, and honestly, that only makes me love them more.


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