Silverstone Record’s Band CORE Aim To Be The Next Big Rock Artists Of 2021

CORE is an active rock band with roots in Las Vegas and Austin. Their sound is nothing short of electrifying. Their stage performances are like none other in their league; this young rock band puts on a killer show and the sound to match it. The band’s music contains energizing elements of harder rock, modern post-grunge, and killer alt-rock with classic rock overtones from their legendary musical influences that range from AC/DC to Ozzy Osbourne, VOLBEAT, Five Finger Death Punch and Stone Temple Pilots. 

Their current favourite album is Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses. They also enjoy DJ Ashba’s new EDM rock project that’s still unreleased, which includes a Queen/Freddie Mercury track that is mind blowing.

Their new radio single “Save Me” is truly hypnotic from start to finish. It is an aggressive rock song that has garnered Commercial Radio AirPlay On 80+ radio stations in the United States, and more than 200 stations globally. It has incredible crossover growth and has been played on active rock radio stations, pop stations, and alternative rock radio stations. CORE stands out commercially for their musical style which some radio programmers are calling “refreshing” and “needed”. 

CORE gives their fans, concert goers and radio listeners exactly what they want in “Save Me”, above the rim audio and professional production. This song has incredible riffs, and incredible guitar pieces and solos that stand out among other rock songs. Radio station fans who are listening to “Save Me” call it the rock anthem of 2021 as listeners simply connect with the lyrics because of the hardships they faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This song seems to pull them away from reality for just a moment in time. It’s three minutes and 16 seconds long, but memorable for much longer than that.

The official video for “Save Me”, filmed in Las Vegas, was made by award-winning producer and director, Bruce Hamer-Colman, whose credits include: Alice In Chains, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Hole and Elton John and many more. The video has been aired on nearly 100 video networks and shows throughout the world. It has over 1.2 million views on YouTube (CoreVEVO) and features appearances from Jose Canseco and lead 2024 presidential candidate, James Bills.

The band has a full tour coming up starting August 2021, and their album “WHAT I AM” will be released in August 2021. “WHAT I AM” carves out each song with lyrics composed of real-life-events that reach the minds and hearts of rock fans and radio listeners. 

From more hardcore rock songs to breathtaking new-rock anthems, the young guys in this quartet lay out very catchy choruses each time while offering up relatable blunt-honest lyrics that are combined with powerful guitar riffs listeners and fans can feel. This specialty in their sound helped them land their first national debut record deal with Los Angeles based Silverstone Records, USA. You get rock sounds you recognize, and powerful live performances from CORE every time. So if you love rock, heavy hitting drums and a classic rockstar vibe in both sound and showmanship, then CORE is sure to be your new favorite.

CORE is scheduled to rehearse and write new music and songs for the next album coming out in 2022 at the Lakeside Silverstone Records mansion outside of Austin, Texas on Lake Travis. The band enjoys spending time together to write and connect with each other. Their album is produced by Omar Vallejo, Mike Quinn, and CORE themselves. The project is mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios in Hollywood, California by Chris Bellman and Mike Quinn. Finalized mixes are done by Mike Quinn at the famed Village Recorder, Santa Monica, California, Westlake Studios, and Paramount Studios Los Angeles, California. 

The band is looking forward to collaborating with Axl Rose on one of their forthcoming singles. They would also love to do a collaboration or a headline show with Silverstone family artist DJ Ashba of Guns N Roses and SixAM.

In regards to their fans, the band said, “We need to spend more time engaging with our fans, so feel free to reach out to us! We appreciate each and every fan, we appreciate each and every like you give us on our posts on social media, and every thumbs up and every lighter and glow from your cell phone warms our hearts. We love you and we thank you!”

Listen to ‘Save Me’ by CORE on Youtube and Spotify.

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