AUDIO: Negative/Positive – “Mint Bag (Bag Full of Mints)”

Indie rockers Negative/Positive have their long-anticipated debut full-length record out. When you think high school angst, obstacles such as feeling alienated, not being accepted, unreciprocated crushes, and struggling with identity come to mind. The band touches on all that here but emphasize subjective themes of feminism (“Irish Spring 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner”), monotony and detachment (“Sour Patch Mac and Cheese”), expired friendships (“And Sardines”), and growing pains (“Space Smells Like Lilacs”) as well. It’s not an easy time for many in terms of self-esteem, and Negative/Positive channel that bitterness with rebellious rock energy punctuated by honest hooks. It’s a strong maturation from the band as well as a validating record for many struggling to feel they belong somewhere.

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