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AUDIO: Negative/Positive – “I Will Spend My Entire Life Savings On One Cool Hat”

Garage pop band Negative/Positive released a new EP. The young band has always been vivacious in their angsty, scrappy brand of pop rock, but these three songs find them continuing to mature and push the envelope of their songwriting. These songs confront scenarios such as having trouble reading someone’s mind, not being satisfied while also feeling the pressure, and shining

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AUDIO: 9 A.M. – “A Sensation You Thought Would Stick”

9 A.M. is the solo project of Phatanoune Doungvilay, known as PD, who also plays guitar in indie rock band Negative/Positive. They’ve got a new record out that dives head-first into dream pop electronica. It’s nine tracks, and falls under over-arching themes of establishing your sense of self in a pressurized teenage world. Whether PD wants to write a girl

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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “Who is Aggie Silver?”

Indie pop artist Aggie Silver is out with her debut EP. Over six tracks she’s anxious to break out of the fortress her mind is trapped in. She channels heartbreak, romantic tensions, hopelessness, and a struggle to have faith that things will be okay. Where she’s at in life in high school, it can be a literal day-by-day struggle to

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AUDIO: Negative/Positive – “Mint Bag (Bag Full of Mints)”

Indie rockers Negative/Positive have their long-anticipated debut full-length record out. When you think high school angst, obstacles such as feeling alienated, not being accepted, unreciprocated crushes, and struggling with identity come to mind. The band touches on all that here but emphasize subjective themes of feminism (“Irish Spring 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner”), monotony and detachment (“Sour Patch Mac

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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “This Will End in Flames”

Singer-songwriter Aggie Silver, known as frontwoman of indie rock band Negative/Positive, dropped another single Friday. She ponders big questions here, demanding to know why she should have faith. She’s used to things not turning out well so she struggles to hold onto hope. It’s a bold, energetic tune from Aggie Silver; we look forward to seeing how she’ll keep building

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