Mid Coast Hosts Monthly Virtual Concert Series At The Cooperage

Mid Coast is a grassroots virtual concert and fundraiser hosted every month at The Cooperage, platforming a diverse array of up-and-coming artists while raising donations for local organizations. They hosted their third edition on Friday, highlighting vegan comfort food restaurant Maya Ophelia’s while featuring hip hop artist Duwayne, indie rockers Negative/Positive, R&B singer-songwriter Genesee, and rap rocker Petti Hendrix.

“Honestly this is probably the best one we’ve had so far,” Sean Scheuler of Mid Coast said. “Everything went smooth.”

Steph Wetter, one of the co-founders, gives some background on how the series originated.

“Hunter, Mitch, Dizzy and I all performed at a showcase at UWM; it was originally supposed to be in my kitchen and we’d livestream it from there, plus I animated all these backgrounds. We ended up doing it at school and it didn’t really have the feel we were going for so we all got together, along with Spaidez and Carson Taylor, and we just connected over the power of DIY. Individually we don’t have much but together we’re mighty. Our friend Vie knew the people at The Cooperage and offered to see if they’d be interested, and they said yes. They had a sound person and Carson knew someone who did video so we ended up having a whole beast on our hands. The first two we didn’t really know everything that went into a show, especially with the weird lulls between when artists perform, plus we didn’t have the technical expertise. Overall, we’re coming to a comfortable level and it really showed tonight; it wasn’t perfect but we were confident and kept it in step.”

Scheuler expands on their mission.

“The way I envision Mid Coast is to be a place for especially LGBTQ, POC, and socially-conscious musicians to really get a chance to get out there. Mutual aid is really important to us too so we’re trying to uplift organizations that could use the help right now.”

He explains how artists have been getting selected for each bill.

“For now it’s mostly been word-of-mouth; a lot of artists reach out to their artists so we’ve been grabbing and pulling from where we can. We’ve actually been reached out by people as well so we’re changing up the formula; now that we have a bit of a following it’s made it a lot more interesting how we’re putting it together. We don’t really want people already solidified in the music scene; it’s about new people getting their shot.”

Wetter shares what he hopes Mid Coast becomes overtime.

“In the future I see this becoming a resource for Milwaukee artists – kind of like Milwaukee’s version of a Boiler Set – where they’re excited to get on and do their thing for a little bit. We provide photography and conduct interviews with them after their sets; hopefully we can start getting promoters in here so the artists can get scouted for things. I want it to be a full artistic experience while organizations get uplifted as well. When the pandemic is over I can’t wait to start doing it safely in-person.”

We at Breaking and Entering, along with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, are pleased to be in partnership with Mid Coast to champion Milwaukee’s emerging talent.

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