AUDIO: M Pike – “Worthy”

London-based pop-rock musician M Pike is back, and he releases potentially his most groundbreaking track to date, ‘Worthy’.

Cleverly M Pike leads the listener on a journey, and he starts with a gentle overture with only a guitar lead and bass rhythm accompanying his vocal. The preamble feels as though it will stay with a chilled theme throughout but unpredictable with this movement; it picks up in the mid-section, and it picks up big!

Pushing forward with an upfront approach M Pike, gets the energy flowing with a myriad of instruments coming together with thunderous flavour. As a result, once it hits the melting point, it isn’t easy to turn away with the multitude of sounds captivating with ease. M Pike knows too well how to get the listener gripping on like a bikers mitt. His adventure is memorable, and he takes an upfront approach with his delivery. He moves fast towards the latter, with the pace picking up and the rock vibes gushing out of the mix with potency.

Overall, ‘Worthy’ is an unusual yet exhilarating release. It does not conform to the modern genre’s status quo, and it generally heads down a novel path. It is a courageous move given that it falls into an uncommon category, but it pays off and gives M Pike the unique selling point required to keep on moving up the echelon. Nevertheless, the mix could have been even more potent with more weight and some extra layering, but as a whole, the entire piece is a treat.

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