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AUDIO: M Pike – “Worthy”

London-based pop-rock musician M Pike is back, and he releases potentially his most groundbreaking track to date, ‘Worthy’. Cleverly M Pike leads the listener on a journey, and he starts with a gentle overture with only a guitar lead and bass rhythm accompanying his vocal. The preamble feels as though it will stay with a chilled theme throughout but unpredictable

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/21/12 – The Siege Perilous

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is The Siege Perilous, a 4 piece alternative group consisting of frontman Peter Grau, drummer Andy Stone, guitarist Amir Hamizadeh, and bassist Troy

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