AUDIO: Zipten – “Midnight Walk”

Zipten is on fine form with yet another treasure, ‘Midnight Walk.’

Sending shockwaves around the electronic world, ‘Midnight Walk’ kicks off with a tapping rhythm. Also, it holds many sounds which add weight to the already full mix. For me, I enjoy how Zipten has added a few layers of bass into the mix. It sounds as though the sub-bass is panned slightly off centre; it is an innovative approach because it is not often that producers do this, usually sticking to centre stage. Mind you, without a vocal being present, Zipten has the freedom to play around with his mix without coming across any traffic in the frequencies space.

As the track progresses, many new sounds leap out, and Zipten introduces a piano melody that adds a warm and serene vibe to the record. It is a substantial addition because it takes us down yet another path, and it gets the emotions flowing. So much so, it is difficult not to let go to its soft texture. Likewise, a sax melody often rises to the top of the mix, and it adds to the already impressive soundscape.

For me, Zipten can do little wrong here. Also, I savour how he is adapting to his newfound success, and he leverages his skills here on ‘Midnight Walk’. However, because of the sudden change in his songwriting approach, he leaves us guessing what will be next. Therefore, is he going to delve down a new route entirely? Or will he stick to the chill summer vibe that his last two tracks have provided? Only time will tell.

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