AUDIO: LZYBY – “Frustration”

LZYBY is smashing his way forward with his latest hit ‘Frustration’. A pop gem at heart, the track takes a myriad of directions, and it often comes out with a flavour of indie for good measure.

Vocally, LZYBY gets underway in his style. Furthermore, his ability to sing with clear articulation is a selling point like no other. Moreover, he leaves no room for any dissonance with each note resonating well. Also, his lyrical message is refreshing, given that he does not stick to the status quo.

Usually, the tracks I hear these days centre around love, and it is one of the most popular topics for songwriters. However, LZYBY does not mince around with a meaningless story. So much so, he sings about looking back through time, and he speaks about how generations before us would probably squirm with the activities we get up to these days.

Musically, ‘Frustration’ comes with heaps of talking points. It is not your everyday pop song, given that it takes influence from probably every decade from the ’60s up to the present time. However, a strong influence I hear on this new piece is from the 80s, especially within the rhythm arrangement. So much so, the bass riff kind of sits out of place in today’s space, it could have easily have been a sample from an 80s dance track.

As the track progresses, we hear LZYBY delve deeper into his pockets, and he comes out smelling like roses. He often switches up his style, and he does unleash unusual singing techniques towards the latter, but I relish this because it keeps the track alive.

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