AUDIO: Calboa – “Admission”

Calboa is back with the goods. Furthermore, his new indie track ‘Admission’ is catapulting him out of the Hull indie scene, and many fans, including myself, cannot seem to get enough of it since its arrival.

Taking influence from some of the biggest names in indie, Calboa adds his own touch while keeping modern and up to date with the current industry. He brings a cheerful indie touch which we do not all hear all too often these days, and he ticks all the boxes for anyone who likes traditional indie rock and roll.

Kicking off the piece is a guitar line which will have you reaching for the air guitar in little time. It jingles and jangles down the speakers, and it picks us up instantly with its nail-biting structure. The beat which accompanies the intro is relatively generic, but it works and why change something which operates so well? However, it is a new direction for the singer who often flaunts a more solemn beat with his previous tracks following a different path.

Vocally, Calboa slaps us round the cheeks with his genuine conviction. His vocals articulate well, and he provides the perfect mix of soft and hard vocals which leaves a long-lasting indent. In the verse, he opens up about his life, and he is honest with every word standing out with uprightness. But, he gets even more in-depth in the chorus, and although it does follow a repetitive arrangement, it sticks deep, and his catchy melody is difficult to fault.

As the track progresses, we hear new sounds popping to the forefront of the mix. As a result, the finale is mega, and it will have you pining for more the moment it stops.

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