AUDIO: Oscar Merry – “Cower”

Oscar Merry is the Bristol-based rocker who is taking giant leaps with his new release ‘Cower’ taken from his stand out EP ‘Unfurl’.

Driving the track forward from the start is a guitar melody which comes with thunderous might. It is anthemic, and it will knock you off your chair with its bite and conviction. We are then in with a top-class vocal from Oscar who sways into the grittier side of rock. He is potent, and his message is conspicuous proving he is not just an influential songwriter but also a memorable storyteller too.

From my understanding, this track is written solely by Oscar and all instruments recorded similarly. It is quite a surprising concept given how powerful his music is, so much so, it sounds as though he has a five-piece band standing behind him and you would never guess that it is a one-man-band.

For me, I can hear a lot of influences making the final mix. But, it is a hybrid of all things grand with hints from various sources poking out here and there. It has a rocky direction for sure, but yet there is a blend of heavy metal, indie and even folk appearing from time to time and Oscar fuses them tremendously well.

Overall, I cannot fault this new release from Oscar Merry. It comes in omnipotent fashion, and it leaves a long-lasting impression with its robust rhythm and melody which sticks deep. Also, it is just one of the many great tracks from his latest EP; therefore, if Oscar keeps churning out hits like this, then he will soon be finding his way into the rock history books.

You can take a listen to ‘Cower’ by Oscar Merry below.

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