AUDIO: Lime Juice – “Quietude”

It is the first time I have come across the indie group Lime Juice who hails from Italy. They have a sound which I find similar to ‘My Morning Jacket’, but they bring heaps of originality too.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, the band excel musically. Talented, the tight group nail their delivers tremendously well with a guitar lead echoing around on top of a smash hit vocal performance. The singer follows a stereotypical indie structure with his vocals almost sounding muffled and caught up in a distorted effect, but I like that because it adds an edge which we do not hear too often.

Also, I like the edginess within their performances, it comes across sounding raw, and I’m not too fond of indie when it seems like someone has been polishing it for months on end. It takes away the feeling from this underground genre, and the band have hit the nail on the head firmly with ‘Quietude’.

Musically, it is delightful, although we do not hear their true potential until the midsection where the band give it there all with a guitar lead smashing its way through the nail-biting mix. Also, the tempo picks up towards midway, and before you know it, you are rocking around the room with your air guitar fixed to your chest.

The chorus is the genuine hook which you would expect from a track like this one. It has the infectious quality, which I love most, and I could not help but find myself humming the melody line well after clicking play. But, there is still a lot of room for this band to grow, and I can only imagine how magnificent their next tracks will be as they progress as a unit.

You can check out ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below.

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